The Eclipse of Moats and Awakening to Oneness

Gabriel Berzescu
3 min readJul 17, 2023

In the grand tapestry of existence, the human journey has been marked by the creation and navigation of moats. These moats, whether they be in the realm of business, professions, institutions, or even our personal identities, have served as defining boundaries, demarcating the contours of our individual and collective lives. Yet, as we stand on the precipice of a new era, heralded by the advent of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), we find these moats being eclipsed, inviting us to awaken to a profound realization.

The world of business, once characterized by competitive advantages and market monopolies, is being reshaped by the democratizing force of AGI. The traditional moats of proprietary technology and unique business models are being eroded, as open-source AI development levels the playing field. This shift is not a threat, but an invitation to a new paradigm of collaboration and shared progress, where success is no longer defined by exclusivity, but by the ability to contribute to a collective endeavor.

Similarly, the landscape of human professions, traditionally protected by specialized knowledge and skills, is being transformed. From medicine and law to education and creative arts, AGI has the potential to automate and enhance various tasks, challenging the very essence of professional identity. Yet, this disruption beckons us to redefine our sense of purpose and value, not in terms of our professional titles, but in our capacity for empathy, creativity, and the ability to derive meaning from our experiences.

Our fundamental institutions, too, are witnessing the eclipse of their traditional moats. Governments, educational systems, healthcare, and financial systems are being reimagined in the light of AGI. As these institutions evolve, we are called to ensure that they continue to serve their fundamental purpose — to foster a society that upholds justice, nurtures learning, promotes health, and ensures economic well-being for all.

Perhaps the most profound transformation is occurring in the realm of our personal identities. As AGI blurs the lines between human and machine intelligence, we are prompted to question and redefine our own sense of self. If our actions, thoughts, and emotions can be replicated or predicted by AGI, what then, makes us human? This existential inquiry nudges us towards a deeper understanding of our identity, not as isolated individuals, but as interconnected beings, part of a larger whole.

The eclipse of these moats is not a loss, but an unveiling (= apocalypse check etymology). It is a shift from a worldview of separation and competition to one of interconnectedness and collaboration. It is an awakening to the realization that our true strength lies not in our differences, but in our shared capabilities, our collective wisdom, and our common aspirations.

As we navigate this transformative era, let us embrace the eclipse of our traditional moats. Let us view it not with fear, but with a sense of curiosity and wonder. For it is in this eclipse that we find an opportunity to awaken to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos. It is a call to transcend the boundaries that have defined us, and to embrace the boundless potential that lies within our collective being. It is an invitation to awaken to the oneness that pervades all of existence, a mystical truth that has been whispered by the cosmos since the dawn of time.